Pay Windows / Observation Windows

Designed to keep your transactions visible and your assets safe with custom builds available on request.

  • Built on request.
  • Natural Anodized Aluminium Frame (alternative frame options available on request).
  • Various Ballistic protection.
  • Easy to install.

Pay Windows

The “Bullet Resistant Speak Easy/Speak Safe” function provides equivalent protection to that of the glass used in payment and observation windows. Adding this feature to a window does not impact the window’s ballistic rating.

Observation Windows

Pay Windows and Observation Windows are designed for high risk locations to ward off and protect against armed perpetrators. The size of observation windows can be customised to meet specific requests.

Window Type 1 – Shallow Trays

Window Type 2 - Deep Trays

Transfer Drawers:

  • Type CT20B 145mm deep
  • Type CT20D 185mm deep
  • Type CT20E 210mm deep

Pay Window PWII standard size:

  • Frame Size : 950mmH x 600mmW
  • Wall Opening : 960mmH x 610mmW
  • Custom builds available on request
Windows - Type 1 and Type 2 Classifications:
Ballistic Testing
At Turnkey Solutions we continuously strive to improve our products. For that reason, independent contractors frequently test our Pay Windows / Observation Windows according to stringent G1, 2 and 3 performance needs.

28mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack up to and including 9mm Parabellum handguns.


38mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack up to and including .357 Magnum as well as 12 gauge shotgun firing buckshot.


53mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack against an AK 47 assault rifle up to and including 12 gauge shotgun firing Brenneke slugs.

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