Bullet Resistant Enclosures

Secure your most valuable assets with our bullet-resistant enclosures – the Turnkey solution to protect what matters most.

(BRE) offer optimal protection while providing a comfortable climate-controlled atmosphere.

Our units are each custom made according to your requirements. Each unit is manufactured with the highest level of attention to detail and ballistic conformance.

These enclosures come in 3 ballistic ratings (G1, G2 & G3) and have the following frame options:
  • Reinforced Aluminium, either natural anodised, bronze anodised or painted colour options.
  • Reinforced Mild Steel with various painted colour options.
Speech Facilities
Customers select between Speech Post or a reinforced “Speak Easy”.
Transfer Trays
Various options are available and customised to customer specific requirements. These are recessed into the counter tops.
Access Control
Various Options of Bullet Resistant Doors in the same ballistic rating as the enclosures are available with or without access control.

Classifications: Bullet Resistant Enclosures

Ballistic Testing
At Turnkey Solutions we continuously strive to improve our products. For that reason, independent contractors frequently test our Bullet Resistant Enclosures according to stringent G1, 2 and 3 performance needs.

28mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack up to and including 9mm Parabellum handguns.


38mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack up to and including .357 Magnum as well as 12 gauge shotgun firing buckshot.


53mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack against an AK 47 assault rifle up to and including 12 gauge shotgun firing Brenneke slugs.

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As a proud SABS certified company, we are committed to offering the highest level of safety and security products and services to all our customers.

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