Bullet Resistant Doors

Secure your space with our bullet resistant doors – the Turnkey solution for ultimate security.

Our bullet resistant doors are constructed out of a lamination of high-density chip board and bullet resistant steel. The steel varies according to the ballistic rating of the door and is designed to give protection to the lock on the attack face.

Standard sizes:

  • Frame size: 2100mm (H) x 925mm (W)
  • Wall Opening : 2120mm (H) x 940mm (W)
  • Custom sizes available on request.

Interior versus exterior

INTERIOR: Supplied standard with either  MDF, Sapele Veneer, Oak Veneer or Commercial Veneer.
EXTERIOR: Galvanized cladding is an available option and recommended on doors facing weather elements.


  • Electronic locks
  • Magnetic locks of 300kgs or 500kgs
  • High security locks

Supplied and fitted standard with Roton continuous geared hinges.


Comes with a steel frame fabricated from a 100 x 50 x 3mm rectangular tube that is bolted into plastered wall openings. Rebates are 32 x 20mm rectangular tubing which is attached to the frame by means of counter sunk cap screws. A pressed steel frame suitable for casting during the building operation can also be supplied on request.

Optional: with or without a view panel

Type A: With a view panel

*Bullet resistant glass dependent on ballistic rating

Type B: Without a view panel

Available on request: 180 degree door viewer (peephole)

Bullet Resistant Doors Type A & Type B Classifications:
Ballistic Testing
At Turnkey Solutions we continuously strive to improve our products. For that reason, independent contractors frequently test our Anti-Bandit doors according to stringent G1, 2 and 3 performance needs.

28mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack up to and including 9mm Parabellum handguns.


38mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack up to and including .357 Magnum as well as 12 gauge shotgun firing buckshot.


53mm Bullet Resistant Glass

Withstands attack against an AK 47 assault rifle up to and including 12 gauge shotgun firing Brenneke slugs.

Optional Extras

External Doors

Key switch and surface mounted casing

Non-Standard doors

Push buttons

Magnetic lock – light duty (300kg)

Magnetic lock – heavy duty (500kg)

Adams-rite electronic lock & stricker

Stainless steel/aluminium kick/push plates

Interlock system

6 Amp power supply

Door closure – light duty

Door closure – heavy duty

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