Airtube Systems

Ideal for high-risk environments and offering cost-effective and efficient transportation within buildings and across entire sites.

Airtube systems, or pneumatic tube systems, provide rapid, cost effective and efficient movement of a wide range of samples, components, documents and cash within the tube work. 

These innovative, computerised, and multi-stationed transfer systems provide secure transportation within buildings and/or across entire sites.

This system is ideally suited to the South African high-risk environments in that it facilitates the swift movement of cash from point of sale to a secure cash area, thereby greatly reducing the risk of theft and attack.

Personalised measurements:

These are taken onsite after a full site survey is undertaken.

7 Key benefits of Airtube Systems:

  • These are an easy solution to security.
  • They offer peace-of-mind by ensuring that large amounts of cash are no longer at till points or being moved across the shop floor.
  • Reduces potential stress and risk to staff.
  • No armed security required.
  • A carrier cannot be intercepted whilst in transit as the system travels at approximately six metres per second.
  • Cost-effective.
  • No specific time schedule needs to be adhered to thereby decreasing threats of theft as time of spending cannot be predicted.

Operation and usage benefits of Airtube Instant Transfers:

  • Transfers are no longer governed by pre-set pick-ups which can agitate customers.
  • Any operator can transfer cash at any time. This eliminates interruptions to customer transactions and cash accumulation need no longer occur.
  • The carriers are designed for each individual system’s requirements.
  • The operator simply inserts the carrier with no fuss, no noise, and the carrier is secure until it reaches its destination.

Sumetberger Bi-Directional System

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